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Cochin International Airport Limited
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  Cochin International Airport Limited
The first privately managed airport in India, Cochin International Airport is tech savvy, well managed and has registered a steady increase in international and domestic connectivity.
We take pride that our website has added value to the services provided at the airport. The real time flight display has been widely appreciated. The lucid style of the site with easy navigability has attracted many hits and increased popularity .
  Wipro Infotech
One of most known Indian international brands, Wipro is a conglomerate in interests ranging from food, cosmetics and body care, electrical goods to IT. However Wipro’s IT division, Wipro Infotech is more widely known than others for the impeccable solutions provided.
Our contribution in their effort is of core importance as it is related to their products and their interface with the customer. Wipro’s alliance with Microsoft for providing MS software and services is carried out through the site. The other site showcases the products of Wipro.
Wipro Infotech Wipro Infotech
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