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Software Solutions    
Software solutions that are required in various industries are offered by Pathway. These make the day to day functioning of the client akin to a well oiled machine.

  • Wright Vision: Flight Information Display System
  • Integrated Hospital Management System
  • Club Maestro: Hospitality / Club Management System
  • jobSuite Ver 1.0: Placement Management System
  • Park Management System
  • Library Management System
  • Retail Store Management
  • Backup Management System
  • eProfiler Ver 1.0: Human Resource Management System
  • mediaPRO: News, Events & Photo Archiving System
  • SeekJobz - Resume Management Application
  • Tour Management Software
  • Data Synchronisation Software
  • File Transfer System
  • ConnectSales - Sales Management Software
  • FAST - Finance Allocation on Simplified Terms
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